Vocational Assessments

Vocational assessments are used to assess and identify an individual’s current skills and interests, determine occupational options and potential goals.

A vocational assessment can be beneficial for:

  • Injured workers looking to return to the workforce
  • Students who are unsure about their first career step, be it to work, university or TAFE
  • Workers looking for advanced placements and promotions
  • Workers unsure of their next career move.

At the end of a vocational assessment course, you will gain an understanding of what you value at work, so you can identify these values when job searching. The assessment program will assist you in targeting your job search to areas you are passionate about and well suited to perform well in.

Vocational assessment is run over six 50 minute sessions. Sessions include an interview on educational and occupational history, psychological tests focusing on intelligence type and work preferences, and a detailed report outlining and explaining all results.

Vocational assessment price $600 
Included sessions:

  • Interview (1 x 50 minute session)
  • Psychological testing (completed online) 
    • Self-Directed Search,
    • Work Preference Scale,
    • NEO Personality Inventory (2 x 50minute sessions)
  • Report and feedback (1 x 50 minute session)